30 Books In
30 Minutes

Giving Marking and Assessment a Voice.


Drastically reduce the time it takes to mark students’ work. On average, users are able to mark a class set of books in around 30 minutes.


Collect detailed assessment data, every time you mark work. Using our grade creator, teachers can track progress instantly. 


Mark Mate utilises the latest in speech recognition technology. Control everything with your voice, leaving your hands free to mark.

Fully integrate with your school

Alot has changed since appearing on Dragons’ Den and Mark Mate is now more than capable of fitting in with your school and teaching procedures in both primary and secondary environments.

So What’s New?


It is now possible to choose from 60+ languages when dicatating to Mark Mate. Want to leave feedback in Spanish? No hay problema!


When ever you mark student’s work, you now have the ability to grade students against up to 4 different objectives making GCSE assessment a breeze.


While marking work you can choose to either assess the children using a custom grade-set or with a specific score for each objective.

Request a remote demo session.


Request a remote demo session.



You now have the ability to customise what appears on your label as you print. Display the teacher’s name, assessment results and more.

Request A Term Trial

We will contact you right away to help you get a trial going in your school.

Request A Term Trial

We will contact you right away to help you get a trial going in your school.

Request A Term Trial

We will contact you right away to help you get a trial going in your school.

Want to find out more? We can help!

If you would like to find out how Mark Mate could have an impact on your school and your teacher’s workload, why not book a free remote demonstration? We can demonstrate it live on your computer screen and answer any questions you may have!

Book A Demonstration

Reduce Your Workload and Improve Quality?

Every time you use Mark Mate, to mark students’ work with your voice, you populate your online markbook. Not only are your students’ grades recorded, but also their feedback. Taking your formative assessment to the next level!

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Jane Benson

English Teacher

“I wish I had found this sooner. It’s cut my marking time in half and I’m not exhausted anymore!”

John Greetham

Head of Humanities

“I’ve found a new sense of pride in my books. The children love reading their feedback”

Cicely Clasby

Head of English

“It’s so easy, I refuse to mark books without it. It has helped so much with differentiation.”

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