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Marking & Assessment Made Easy

Using Mark Mate has never been easier, simply login from your favourite device and start giving students feedback using your voice!
Drastically reduce the time you spend marking while improving the quality of your feedback.

Join the 1000’s of teachers reducing their workload, FREE!

Instant Assessment Every Time You Mark

Build a clear and detailed picture of your individual students’ progress showing not only grades but also your feedback.

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Detailed Feedback Made Easy

Mark Mate uses the latest in speech recognition technology, allowing you to leave detailed, personalised feedback in a fraction of the time. Instantly print your feedback using the included label printer enabling you to evidence your verbalised comments within your students’ books.


Just used the Mark Mate phone App! Oh My Goodness! I can’t believe how quick that was. Thank you. Thank you for making one of the hardest parts of my job now manageable. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Vicky C

It has saved me hours of time with marking and I can’t recommend it enough. Students engage well with the novelty of sticky label feedback. I use a mixture of typed and dictated feedback, as even with typed it still saves me more time than writing it by hand.

Gaz S

This is the most amazing thing ever. Has reduced my marking time dramatically and I actually don’t mind marking so much anymore. All teachers need one. Highly recommend it. So reasonable too and works really well. Money well spent

Nicky P

Money Back Guarantee

We give you a whole month to try Mark Mate.
Don’t feel Mark Mate has helped reduce your workload? We will give you a full refund for your printer, we are that confident you will love it!

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We offer discounted prices for schools with the option to purchase tailored number of annual licenses and printers.
Our team will be happy to talk to you and even give you a remote demonstration to answer any questions you might have.

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Mark Mate is a revolution in marking and assessment, allowing you to leave high quality, high impact feedback in a fraction of the time.
Simply use our free mobile app to dictate your feedback, Mark Mate will print this feedback on labels instantly to attach to the students’ work.

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Mark Mate not only allows you to reduce your workload and improve the quality of your feedback, but every time you mark work you are adding to your online markbook. Not only can you record the grades your students have been given, but also the feedback for every piece of work. 
No other tool gives you this much detail in your assessments.

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