Giving marking & assessment a voice




Control Mark Mate using nothing but your voice. Continue editing work using your schools’ strategies.


Dictate your feedback into Mark Mate as you edit your students’ work. Instant verbal feedback, evidenced in your books!


Mark Mate is fully customisable, allowing you to tailor everything to your schools’ policies and procedures.

What do our users think?

  • positive review Mark Mate has made a huge difference not just to the time it takes to mark a set of books but the much more detailed quality of feedback I am able to give in the same amount of time as marking by hand. My students love reading their individualised feedback... read more

    Mohammed R. Avatar
    Mohammed R.

    positive review Excellent piece of equipment
    Would highly recommend

    Johnny M. Avatar
    Johnny M.

    positive review so easy to use, my favourite feature is saving my marking and the grades. makes progress easier to track

    Rachel C. Avatar
    Rachel C.
  • positive review Just downloaded Mark Mate and I am already impressed, not only with how easy it is to use, but also it's layout.

    I haven't marked any books yet, as I am waiting on the printer. But I look forward to pitching this to my own faculty, when I can demonstrate...
    read more

    Crly R. Avatar
    Crly R.

    positive review Excellent product. Very useful and easy to use.

    Ricky B. Avatar
    Ricky B.

    positive review It has saved me hours of time with marking and I can’t recommend it enough. Students engage well with the novelty of sticky label feedback. I use a mixture of typed and dictated feedback, as even with typed it still saves me more time than writing it by hand.

    Gaz S. Avatar
    Gaz S.
  • positive review Great product, my students have really enjoyed having personalised feedback with next steps for improvement. They tell me that they find it incredibly useful, rather than a generic approach such as whole class feedback.

    Emma A. Avatar
    Emma A.

    positive review Absolutetly fantastic. So easy to set up and use. I love how it organises all my students data by colour/mark or however you want. I had an issue with my microphone (my fault, not theirs) and their tech support was useful and offered remote support when their email... read more

    Laura M. Avatar
    Laura M.

    positive review I have been using mark mate for a few years and absolutely love it! My marking is kept ordered, it’s easy to add new students. The addition of marking several objectives at once is very helpful as a secondary teacher and I love how you are always striving to make... read more

    Laura D. Avatar
    Laura D.
  • positive review I've been using mark mate for about a year now. I've always found James most helpful. I had some issues with the speech recognition when I first set up on the old excel programme (it must be my strong mancunian accent!) James was quick to support.

    Tonight, I encountered some...
    read more

    Emily R. Avatar
    Emily R.

    positive review Believe the hype! It works seamlessly, saves teachers time and above all helps the students with the personalised feedback you can give them. Ive used it for every year group, mock exam feedback, general feedback, DIRT and some all-round positivity when work has been done well.

    Simon P. Avatar
    Simon P.

    positive review Best thing I have ever bought!! Every teacher should get this! I can't believe how quick my marking has been over the holidays. Wow!!!

    Vikki L. Avatar
    Vikki L.

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The Gift Of Time

If there’s one thing that teachers need more of it’s time! Mark Mate enables you to provide a consistent and high quality approach to marking and assessment, while drastically reducing your teachers’ workload.
Don’t believe us? Use our calculator to find out how much time you could save!


Giving Marking & Assessment a Voice

We all know that one of the hardest things about being a teacher is the constant pressure of time. Mark Mate allows teachers to stay in control of their work-life balance by bringing feedback and formative assessment together. Leave detailed, written feedback in a fraction of the time using nothing but your voice.


Drastically reduce the time it takes to mark students’ work. On average, users are able to mark a class set of books in around 30 minutes.


Collect detailed assessment data, every time you mark work. Using our grade creator, teachers can track progress instantly.


Mark Mate utilises the latest in speech recognition technology. Control everything with your voice, leaving your hands free to mark.

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Using Mark Mate has saved Cicely time and helped with her assessment.

Mark Mate – It’s hard to go back!

Head of English, Cicely uses Mark Mate to help speed through her massive daily marking load, writing detailed comments in a fraction of the time.

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Jane’s Story

Jane has been a teacher for over 30 years and, like many other users, she has found Mark Mate has had a bigger impact on her workload that anything else she has tried.“I wish I had found this sooner. It’s cut my marking time in half and I’m not exhausted anymore!”


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