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Feedback Driven,

Detailed end-of-year reports, differentiated lesson resources, and insightful student analysis.

Generated from your marking, not generic prompts!

Mark Mate AI - Feedback Driven, AI Enhanced

Slash marking time, enhance feedback quality, and effortlessly generate teaching resources and end of year reports – all from your marking.

Mark Mate AI - The All In One Teacher Solution

Verbal Feedback, AI Enhanced

Summarise your feedback using speech to text and let the power of AI write detailed comments for you.

Personal Student Reports

Forget the generic AI prompts! Mark Mate reads every comment you've given a student, to write their detailed end of year report, even referencing specific work they've done.

Detailed Resources, No Prompts!

Mark Mate AI is unlike any other AI tool! Differentiated lesson plans and resources are generated instantly, based on the feedback you have given to your class.

Need a differentiated follow up lesson to address misconceptions, or homework to continue learning?

No problem!

Mark Mate AI - Instantly Generate Lesson Plans
Mark Mate AI - Printed Feedback

Your All-In-One Solution

Mark Mate is an innovative approach to marking with built in AI tools, informed by your feedback, to help streamline your teaching.


Mark Work

Mark any work, from classwork to formal assessments, by simply 'speaking' your feedback as you read the student's work.


Deliver Feedback

Your feedback can be printed instantly on your choice of paper or label printer and even emailed directly to students' inboxes.


AI Improve

Our in-built AI understands the work you are marking to help improve your feedback with age appropriate comments.


AI Generate

Mark Mate will read the feedback you have given to a class to instantly generate differentiated follow up lesson resources and reports, specific to your students.

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