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Using Mark Mate has saved Cicely time and helped with her assessment.

Mark Mate – It’s hard to go back!

Head of English, Cicely uses Mark Mate to help speed through her massive daily marking load, writing detailed comments in a fraction of the time.

school funding

School Funding Exposed In Channel 4 Documentary

A new Channel 4 documentary is sending a businessman into a school undercover as a TA, with the aim of exposing how bad the funding crisis is.

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things teachers do in the summer holidays

14 Things Teachers Do In The Summer Holidays

Ever wondered what teachers get up to during the summer? Well now you can find out! Here are 14 things teachers do in the summer holidays.

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Mark Mate – A Sense Of Pride In My Books

Today’s story comes from John Greetham. A Humanities lead, John uses Mark Mate to provide engaging feedback for his students.

children in care

Children In Care Should Only Attend ‘Good’ Or ‘Outstanding’ Schools

A new report outlines than children in care in the UK should only be placed in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools in order to limit absences and vulnerability.

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