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Exam Results: Complaints Double In Just Two Years

We know that exam results can bring a lot of stress to parents, teachers and students alike. Now, however more of that stress seems to be aimed at exam boards. Complaints sent to Ofqual about England’s three biggest exam boards have doubled in just two years. Read on to see just what is going on!

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GCSE Results: Non-EBacc Subjects Face Bleak & Worrying Drop

This year’s GCSE results reveal a further drop in non-EBacc subjects. Union heads have expressed concern over the “worrying” and bleak” future of creative subjects. Read on to see just what the statistics tell us about the future of EBacc!

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Boris Johnson Promises Teachers New Powers To Stop Bad Behaviour

is Johnson is a figure shrouded in controversy. I don’t particularly want to talk about politics in this blog, but he has announced something that could be hugely beneficial to teachers. In a statement released on A-level results day, he promised to give schools the”powers they need to deal with bad behaviour and bullying”. Read on to find out more about what Mr Johnson had to say!

Using Mark Mate has saved Cicely time and helped with her assessment.

Mark Mate – It’s hard to go back!

Head of English, Cicely uses Mark Mate to help speed through her massive daily marking load, writing detailed comments in a fraction of the time.

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School Funding Exposed In Channel 4 Documentary

A new Channel 4 documentary is sending a businessman into a school undercover as a TA, with the aim of exposing how bad the funding crisis is.

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