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teacher goodwill

Teacher Goodwill Disappearing Due To Performance Pay

Quitting after-school clubs, or leaving the profession altogether are just two of the side effects of performance-related pay according to some teachers. After being denied progression due to factors outside of their control, teachers have had enough and teacher goodwill is disappearing. Keep reading to get all the details!

new ofsted framework

New Ofsted Framework: Less Than 1 In 5 Schools Drop A Grade

Early analysis shows that grades fell in less than one in five schools as primary schools find out that they shouldn’t “teach in a secondary way”. This is despite previous analysis showing that primaries scored poorly on curriculum quality. Continue reading to find out all the details regarding the new Ofsted framework!

test scores

Test Scores: Should They Be Lower For Summer-Born Students?

Should students born in the summer have lower expectations when it comes to test scores? According to several education experts, they should. This comes as the latest move in tackling the inherent disadvantage that faces younger students. Read on to find out exactly what the experts are suggesting and what might happen next!

outdoor learning

Outdoor Learning: Water Wheels

Thanks to Mark Mate Version 2.0 and our brand new mobile app, marking work while you’re outside with your class has never been easier. You can mark while you go with our mobile app, and then simply print your feedback when you’re back inside. We’re going to take advantage of this, this week with our outdoor learning idea: Water Wheels!


Ofsted Would Be Replaced Under A Labour Government

We’ve covered several times how Ofsted add to teachers’ stress and workload. Now it seems that the Labour party agree with us. One of our major goals is to make teachers’ lives easier. If Labour win the next general election it looks like that goal will get a major boost. Read on to find out exactly what Labour’s plans are!