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Teacher Workload: 1 in 4 Teachers Working 60 Hours Every Week

We’re passionate about reducing teacher workload. In fact, its the entire reason Mark Mate was created. Despite our best efforts, however, workload is still at a huge high. Although, this now doesn’t appear to be one of the reasons for the retention crisis. Read on to find out why workload isn’t a cause of the crisis, and what the new study reveals!

teacher workload

Teacher Workload: Will Labour’s 32 Hour Week Work For Teachers?

One of our main focuses at Mark Mate is helping to reduce teacher workload. Depending on how the next general election goes, we might have some major help in achieving that goal! At Labour’s annual conference, John McDonnell has announced the proposal for a 32-hour working week. He’s also promised that this will come with no loss of pay. But will this work for teachers? Read on to find out more!

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Early Years Staff Are ‘Doing Too Much Paperwork’

We’ve covered a few times now how much extra stress Ofsted can add to a teacher’s life. Of course, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Ofsted should be in a position to help us, but now the added workload and extra stress is spreading to teachers that work in early years. Read on to see just what is happening in early years, and why it isn’t good enough.

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Teacher Wellbeing: 3 Tips For A Healthier New Year

Well, it’s almost here. Next week, a new school year begins and with it comes a whole new year of stresses, concerns and worries. That is unless you can find a few ways to manage your stress and keep calm during the start of the year. Well, fear not! Teacher wellbeing is one of our major priorities so we’re here to help, so keep reading for three tips to help you deal with the new year!

Mark Mate – A Sense Of Pride In My Books

Today’s story comes from John Greetham. A Humanities lead, John uses Mark Mate to provide engaging feedback for his students.