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Mark Mate – A Sense Of Pride In My Books

Today’s story comes from John Greetham. A Humanities lead, John uses Mark Mate to provide engaging feedback for his students.

Mark Mate feedback from the classroom.

Mark Mate – Just an easier process!

After our success in the Dragons’ Den last year, we have focused on listening to the feedback of our users. Today’s story comes from Jane Benson.

Does more work need to be done on reducing teacher workload?

Reducing Teacher Workload: Heads and Teachers Disagree On Results

A new government survey shows that school leaders and teachers disagree on what action has been taken to reduce teacher workload, if any.

More schools than ever are attempting to tackle teacher workload

Helping With Teacher Workload: More Schools Than Ever Are Trying

According to a new survey, more schools than ever are trying to tackle the ongoing workload crisis. But not everyone agrees.

Teachers Would Move To Tougher Schools For A Promotion Or Reduced Timetable

A new report suggests that over half of teachers would take a job in a tougher school if it meant a pay rise or a reduced workload!