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Support For Teachers: Do We Need More?

The leader of a headteachers’ union has suggested that teachers may need more help and support. Specifically for dealing with ‘disturbing news’ about vulnerable families. Read on to find out the latest!


Ofsted Would Be Replaced Under A Labour Government

We’ve covered several times how Ofsted add to teachers’ stress and workload. Now it seems that the Labour party agree with us. One of our major goals is to make teachers’ lives easier. If Labour win the next general election it looks like that goal will get a major boost. Read on to find out exactly what Labour’s plans are!

teacher wellbeing

4 Effective Teacher Wellbeing Ideas

We pride ourselves here at Mark Mate on being able to help with teacher wellbeing, but we aren’t the only solution out there. There are a multitude of other options available to you to help with your wellbeing. Read on to find out four of our favourites!

teacher wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing: 3 Tips For A Healthier New Year

Well, it’s almost here. Next week, a new school year begins and with it comes a whole new year of stresses, concerns and worries. That is unless you can find a few ways to manage your stress and keep calm during the start of the year. Well, fear not! Teacher wellbeing is one of our major priorities so we’re here to help, so keep reading for three tips to help you deal with the new year!

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Ofsted Inspections Are Among Biggest Causes Of Teacher Stress

In perhaps the biggest show of education-related irony this year, a new Ofsted survey on teacher wellbeing has revealed that Ofsted inspections are in fact one of the biggest causes of teachers’ stress. Keep reading to find out what else the survey revealed!