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Does more work need to be done on reducing teacher workload?

Reducing Teacher Workload: Heads and Teachers Disagree On Results

A new government survey shows that school leaders and teachers disagree on what action has been taken to reduce teacher workload, if any.

Teachers Would Move To Tougher Schools For A Promotion Or Reduced Timetable

A new report suggests that over half of teachers would take a job in a tougher school if it meant a pay rise or a reduced workload!

Anti-Abuse Posters For Schools

At Mark Mate, we’re all about teacher wellbeing. Teaching union NASUWT has produced two posters for schools as part of an ongoing campaign to support teachers and heads in tackling pupil indiscipline.

Are Students Addicted To Mobile Phones?

We love technology here at Mark Mate, but when does it get to the point of being too much? Are we addicted to smartphones and social media? The answer is yes, probably. One school in Brecon has looked at some of the research and has offered their students “Phone-Free Fridays” in response.

Northleigh: The Safe Haven School For Bullied Children

From addressing teachers by their first names, to being taught in small groups. Or even on a one to one basis, new students at Northleigh very quickly learn that this is a different environment entirely.