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help for teachers

Help For Teachers: Britannica A Launching Free Digital Literacy Webinars

Video is fast becoming the leading method of communication. From Facebook Lives to Instagram Stories to video lectures for university students, video is certainly the way forward. Keep reading to see how Britannica are working to push video forward and help teachers to keep up!

mental health

Mental Health: Free Online Course Helps Teachers

Mental health and wellbeing are huge talking points in education right now, and rightfully so. We’re all very much aware of how much work still needs to be done to improve mental health for both teachers and students, but now a new free online course is trying to help. Take a look below to see exactly what the course is all about!

school led teacher training

School Led Teacher Training: First Drop For Four Years

For the first time in four years, school led teacher training figures have dropped. The latest figures are just the latest part of the recruitment crisis.

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