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EdTech In Schools: What’s Stopping It?

The biggest obstacles to bringing edtech into schools have been revealed. A new survey shows why secondary and primary schools are reluctant to use edtech.

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Technology for students and teachers

Can SAAS Models Help The Transformation To Digital Classrooms?

Schools need to prepare for a digital transformation. How can subscription models help the process?

Are Students Addicted To Mobile Phones?

We love technology here at Mark Mate, but when does it get to the point of being too much? Are we addicted to smartphones and social media? The answer is yes, probably. One school in Brecon has looked at some of the research and has offered their students “Phone-Free Fridays” in response.

Pros & Cons For Technology In Education

Technology has the ability to make all our lives easier. It’s uses are practically immeasurable, and the benefits are countless. But what is the downside? Forgetting about any Skynet-esque drawbacks for the future (we’re looking at you, Boston Dynamics), tech in the classroom isn’t all necessarily good. It can have several downsides for both teachers and students, so let’s dive in and take a look shall we.

Six Amazing Uses For VR In The Classroom

Virtual Reality is the pinnacle of interactive entertainment. We’ve put together six amazing uses for VR in the classroom.