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teacher goodwill

Teacher Goodwill Disappearing Due To Performance Pay

Quitting after-school clubs, or leaving the profession altogether are just two of the side effects of performance-related pay according to some teachers. After being denied progression due to factors outside of their control, teachers have had enough and teacher goodwill is disappearing. Keep reading to get all the details!

student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing: Where Do The Problems Lie?

The Department for Education have published their first “state of the nation” report on children and young people’s wellbeing. They’ve found out some interesting statistics that we think are worth mentioning. Read on to find out some of the problems with student wellbeing in schools.

teacher wellbeing

4 Effective Teacher Wellbeing Ideas

We pride ourselves here at Mark Mate on being able to help with teacher wellbeing, but we aren’t the only solution out there. There are a multitude of other options available to you to help with your wellbeing. Read on to find out four of our favourites!

grammar schools

Grammar Schools Forced To Discount Exam Questions

For Mark Mate, there was one question that needed answering – how can we save teachers time, and help them find that elusive work/life balance? It took us a little while, but we think we’ve answered that question incredibly well. Students in Buckinghamshire, however, weren’t quite as fortunate with their exam questions. Read on to find out why Grammar schools in the area had to discount their exam questions!

lesson ideas

Lesson Ideas: Outdoor Overtures

Historically, Mark Mate was designed to help you in the classroom, but now, thanks to Mark Mate 2.0 and our brand new mobile app (available for Android and iPhone) we can help you outside of the classroom! That makes Mark Mate a perfect fit for this week’s lesson idea. It’s a great excuse to head outside to give you and your students a break from the classroom! Read on to discover another one of our great lesson ideas: Outdoor Overtures!