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Is It Time To Change PE?

There was nothing worse than having to go outside in shorts and a t-shirt to play rugby in the dead of winter (for some of us at least!). But play rugby we did, or football or cricket or whatever sport had to be ticked off that week. That’s the way PE was and has been for years upon years. But now, if you ask Lings Primary School in Northampton, it’s time for a change.

Northleigh: The Safe Haven School For Bullied Children

From addressing teachers by their first names, to being taught in small groups. Or even on a one to one basis, new students at Northleigh very quickly learn that this is a different environment entirely.

A Chat With Mark Mate Founder James Holmes

James Holmes was a primary school teacher with an overloaded, and growing, workload. A story I’m sure many of you are familiar with. James was so overloaded with work that he decided to see if he could make his life easier through software.

Teachers Are Quitting Because Of Bullying

We all know that workloads for teachers can reach unmanageable levels. Last week however, even more troubling news about teacher wellbeing was released.

Mental Health Awareness Week

From a student’s perspective, more and more children are beginning to struggle to cope with their mental health. Rates of depression, anxiety and self-harm are rising at an alarming rate among children and young people.