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student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing: Where Do The Problems Lie?

The Department for Education have published their first “state of the nation” report on children and young people’s wellbeing. They’ve found out some interesting statistics that we think are worth mentioning. Read on to find out some of the problems with student wellbeing in schools.

support for teachers

Support For Teachers: Do We Need More?

The leader of a headteachers’ union has suggested that teachers may need more help and support. Specifically for dealing with ‘disturbing news’ about vulnerable families. Read on to find out the latest!

sixth form

Sixth Form: Is Online, Distance Learning The Future?

Here at Mark Mate, we’re big fans of the internet and the technological advantages it gives us. We’ve used the internet to work tirelessly to improve teachers’ wellbeing and reduce workload. Now, however a private school is using it to make sixth form students’ lives easier. Read on to find out just what is happening!

grammar schools

Grammar Schools Forced To Discount Exam Questions

For Mark Mate, there was one question that needed answering – how can we save teachers time, and help them find that elusive work/life balance? It took us a little while, but we think we’ve answered that question incredibly well. Students in Buckinghamshire, however, weren’t quite as fortunate with their exam questions. Read on to find out why Grammar schools in the area had to discount their exam questions!


Ed-Tech: Maths Startup Raises €22 Million

We love ed-tech. We’ve covered previously some of the best uses of ed-tech for the classroom. Now, however, there could be another to add to the list. Sparx, an Exeter-based ed-tech startup has been granted an investment from Oxygen House. The ethical and impact-focused group of companies will invest €22 million in Sparx. Read on to find out more about Sparx’s innovative classroom tool!