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teacher wellbeing index

Teacher Wellbeing Index: 75% Of Teachers Suffering From Stress

The Annual Teacher Wellbeing Index has found that almost 75 per-cent of teachers are stressed. Furthermore, over half of teachers have said they’ve considered leaving the profession due to mental health and wellbeing. We all know that these statistics simply aren’t good enough, so read on for more information.

early years

Early Years Staff Are ‘Doing Too Much Paperwork’

We’ve covered a few times now how much extra stress Ofsted can add to a teacher’s life. Of course, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Ofsted should be in a position to help us, but now the added workload and extra stress is spreading to teachers that work in early years. Read on to see just what is happening in early years, and why it isn’t good enough.

ofsted inspections

Ofsted Inspections: Heads Spent Summer Stressed & Anxious

We’ve covered how much stress Ofsted can cause, but over the summer things seem to have gotten worse. Thousands of school leaders have spent their summer being anxious and worried about impending Ofsted inspections. A leaders’ union has revealed the shocking number of heads that have visited their website searching for help. Read on to see just how bad things are and what, if anything can help change things for the better.

teacher wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing: 3 Tips For A Healthier New Year

Well, it’s almost here. Next week, a new school year begins and with it comes a whole new year of stresses, concerns and worries. That is unless you can find a few ways to manage your stress and keep calm during the start of the year. Well, fear not! Teacher wellbeing is one of our major priorities so we’re here to help, so keep reading for three tips to help you deal with the new year!

ofsted inspections

Ofsted Inspections Are Among Biggest Causes Of Teacher Stress

In perhaps the biggest show of education-related irony this year, a new Ofsted survey on teacher wellbeing has revealed that Ofsted inspections are in fact one of the biggest causes of teachers’ stress. Keep reading to find out what else the survey revealed!