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2019 general election

2019 General Election: What Can Schools Expect?

Well, it’s official. After what feels like an eternity of squabbling and arguing in Westminster, we’re finally on track for a 2019 general election. Quite clearly, Brexit is at the heart of the matter, but let’s not forget the other important factors – such as what could this election mean for our schools? Read on to get all the details!

Religious Education: MAT Going To Court Over Christian Assemblies

A MAT in Oxfordshire is being taken to the High Court over the way it handles religious education in a non-religious school.

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less pupils studying at good or outstanding schools

54,000 Less Pupils In Good Or Outstanding Schools

The Department for Education has announced that 54,000 fewer pupils are studying in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ rated schools than last year.

New Trust Found For Steiner Schools

Following a damning report from Ofsted, three of the UK’s four Steiner state schools have been forced to join a new Trust.

Pros & Cons For Technology In Education

Technology has the ability to make all our lives easier. It’s uses are practically immeasurable, and the benefits are countless. But what is the downside? Forgetting about any Skynet-esque drawbacks for the future (we’re looking at you, Boston Dynamics), tech in the classroom isn’t all necessarily good. It can have several downsides for both teachers and students, so let’s dive in and take a look shall we.