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Schools Are Being Urged To Offer Inclusive Assemblies

Religious schools should now offer inclusive assemblies and suitable secular alternatives, according to campaigners. This comes after a school has conceded in a legal case over mandatory prayers. We’ve previously covered what alternatives were available to children who withdrew from prayer. Now, however, there appear to be some major developments.…
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worship in schools

Worship In Schools: More Schools Opting For Multi-Faith Alternatives

The number of schools asking to opt-out of Christian worship seems to be slowing. But a higher number are opting to take up multi-faith alternatives instead. Read on the find out all of the details!

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Religious Worship In School Assemblies: Is It Appropriate?

Is religious worship in school assemblies still appropriate? According to a new survey, no it isn’t and the law on it should be repealed.

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Religious Education: MAT Going To Court Over Christian Assemblies

A MAT in Oxfordshire is being taken to the High Court over the way it handles religious education in a non-religious school.

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