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Education Disadvantage Gap Has Stopped Narrowing For The First Time

The education disadvantage gap has stopped narrowing for the first time in 11 years. The new report from the EPI paints a difficult picture of education.

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Are Students Addicted To Mobile Phones?

We love technology here at Mark Mate, but when does it get to the point of being too much? Are we addicted to smartphones and social media? The answer is yes, probably. One school in Brecon has looked at some of the research and has offered their students “Phone-Free Fridays” in response.

Northleigh: The Safe Haven School For Bullied Children

From addressing teachers by their first names, to being taught in small groups. Or even on a one to one basis, new students at Northleigh very quickly learn that this is a different environment entirely.

How To Help Students

Student mental health and wellbeing are fast becoming areas of even more concern. There are a number of different strategies available to help young people suffering with their mental health. Today we’re going to take a look at some tools and activities that you could use to try and help your students.

Student Mental Health

In 2017, 12.8 per cent of five to 19 years olds showed signs of at least one mental health issue. A further five per cent met the criteria for two or more disorders. The interviews also showed a dramatic rise in the prevalence of mental health of mental health issues among children and young people over the last two decades.