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ofsted reviews

Heads Should Take Notes During Ofsted Reviews

School leaders are being advised to take notes during Ofsted reviews. The new reports are omitting detailed findings, and instead opting for parent-friendly simplified language. Read on to get all the details!

funding teacher wellbeing

Should Parents Be Funding Teacher Wellbeing?

The new Ofsted framework is being blamed for putting extra pressure on schools to focus on funding teacher wellbeing. Cash-strapped schools are appealing to parents to fund treats for staff. Read on to find out the details!

support for teachers

Support For Teachers: Do We Need More?

The leader of a headteachers’ union has suggested that teachers may need more help and support. Specifically for dealing with ‘disturbing news’ about vulnerable families. Read on to find out the latest!

ofsted inspections

Ofsted Inspections Are Among Biggest Causes Of Teacher Stress

In perhaps the biggest show of education-related irony this year, a new Ofsted survey on teacher wellbeing has revealed that Ofsted inspections are in fact one of the biggest causes of teachers’ stress. Keep reading to find out what else the survey revealed!

Closest Schools Rejected By Most Parents

At Mark Mate, we’re incredibly passionate about making sure teachers can be at their absolute best. Naturally, this follows through to schools as well. The largest study of state secondary schools in England has been carried out by students at the Universities of Cambridge & Bristol. It had some eye-opening results.