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Children In Care Should Only Attend ‘Good’ Or ‘Outstanding’ Schools

A new report outlines than children in care in the UK should only be placed in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools in order to limit absences and vulnerability.

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New Trust Found For Steiner Schools

Following a damning report from Ofsted, three of the UK’s four Steiner state schools have been forced to join a new Trust.

Schools can have funds withdrawn if they do not follow advice.

The School Leading The Way In Careers

A school in Middlesborough are leading the way with careers guidance. Take a look at how they’ve achieved such great success!

Talking Teachers – Practical Tips For Managing Your Workload

At Mark Mate, we understand the importance of managing your teacher workload. Our CEO James Holmes created our marking solution in his classroom to help stay afloat with his ever increasing paperwork. We are proud to support the Talking Teachers Podcast, a weekly podcast delivered by Lorna and Joe, delving…
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