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Mark Mate – A Sense Of Pride In My Books

Today’s story comes from John Greetham. A Humanities lead, John uses Mark Mate to provide engaging feedback for his students.

Technology for students and teachers

Can SAAS Models Help The Transformation To Digital Classrooms?

Schools need to prepare for a digital transformation. How can subscription models help the process?

Closest Schools Rejected By Most Parents

At Mark Mate, we’re incredibly passionate about making sure teachers can be at their absolute best. Naturally, this follows through to schools as well. The largest study of state secondary schools in England has been carried out by students at the Universities of Cambridge & Bristol. It had some eye-opening results.

Pros & Cons For Technology In Education

Technology has the ability to make all our lives easier. It’s uses are practically immeasurable, and the benefits are countless. But what is the downside? Forgetting about any Skynet-esque drawbacks for the future (we’re looking at you, Boston Dynamics), tech in the classroom isn’t all necessarily good. It can have several downsides for both teachers and students, so let’s dive in and take a look shall we.

Northleigh: The Safe Haven School For Bullied Children

From addressing teachers by their first names, to being taught in small groups. Or even on a one to one basis, new students at Northleigh very quickly learn that this is a different environment entirely.