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Lesson Ideas: Outdoor Overtures

Historically, Mark Mate was designed to help you in the classroom, but now, thanks to Mark Mate 2.0 and our brand new mobile app (available for Android and iPhone) we can help you outside of the classroom! That makes Mark Mate a perfect fit for this week’s lesson idea. It’s a great excuse to head outside to give you and your students a break from the classroom! Read on to discover another one of our great lesson ideas: Outdoor Overtures!

lesson ideas

Lesson Ideas: Rope Shapes

Welcome to your first week (for most people, at least!) back after the summer! We know heading back to school after a six-week break can be difficult, so we want to help make it as easy as possible for you! Kids love being outside, so we’re continuing our theme of outdoor lesson ideas this week with rope shapes! Keep reading to find out how to help your students learn shapes while spending time outside!