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School PE Fitness Tests Could Be A ‘Waste Valuable Time’

A new report has shown that school PE fitness tests could be a waste of time. According to the study, fitness tests don’t help students learn.

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children in care

Children In Care Should Only Attend ‘Good’ Or ‘Outstanding’ Schools

A new report outlines than children in care in the UK should only be placed in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools in order to limit absences and vulnerability.

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education disadvantage gap

Education Disadvantage Gap Has Stopped Narrowing For The First Time

The education disadvantage gap has stopped narrowing for the first time in 11 years. The new report from the EPI paints a difficult picture of education.

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Religious Education: MAT Going To Court Over Christian Assemblies

A MAT in Oxfordshire is being taken to the High Court over the way it handles religious education in a non-religious school.

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qts skills tests

QTS Skills Tests Are Being Scrapped by the Government

The government are looking to scrap controversial QTS skills testing in order to remove unnecessary hurdles from teacher recruitment.