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Test Scores: Should They Be Lower For Summer-Born Students?

Should students born in the summer have lower expectations when it comes to test scores? According to several education experts, they should. This comes as the latest move in tackling the inherent disadvantage that faces younger students. Read on to find out exactly what the experts are suggesting and what might happen next!

outdoor learning

Outdoor Learning: Make Your Own Map

As much as we love helping you in the classroom, we love helping you outside of the classroom just as much! Our brand new mobile app will even let you leave detailed feedback for your students while you’re outside, ready to print when you get back to school! That’s why we love our series of outdoor learning ideas! Read on to find out about this week’s: Make Your Own Map!

outdoor lesson ideas

Outdoor Lesson Ideas: Stomp Rocket For Teaching Science & Maths

As much as Mark Mate is designed to help you in the classroom, not all lessons take place inside. Seeing as summer is still kind of here (allegedly), we wanted to continue our theme of outdoor lesson ideas. Today, we thought we’d explore some rocket science. Don’t worry though, you won’t need NASA-level experience for this fun and engaging science experiment. You’ll just need a group of willing students and a few easy-to-find pieces of equipment.

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School PE Fitness Tests Could Be A ‘Waste Valuable Time’

A new report has shown that school PE fitness tests could be a waste of time. According to the study, fitness tests don’t help students learn.

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children in care

Children In Care Should Only Attend ‘Good’ Or ‘Outstanding’ Schools

A new report outlines than children in care in the UK should only be placed in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools in order to limit absences and vulnerability.

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