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ks2 reading tests

KS2 Reading Tests Word Count Increase: DfE Urged To Give More Time

KS2 reading tests are coming under fire for having too high a word count, and not enough time to complete them. Do the government need to change things?

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qts skills tests

QTS Skills Tests Are Being Scrapped by the Government

The government are looking to scrap controversial QTS skills testing in order to remove unnecessary hurdles from teacher recruitment.

less pupils studying at good or outstanding schools

54,000 Less Pupils In Good Or Outstanding Schools

The Department for Education has announced that 54,000 fewer pupils are studying in ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ rated schools than last year.

teachers don't feel appreciated

Teachers Don’t Feel Appreciated: 74% Of Teachers Agree

Three in four teachers feel their work is less valued than it was five years ago.

Does more work need to be done on reducing teacher workload?

Reducing Teacher Workload: Heads and Teachers Disagree On Results

A new government survey shows that school leaders and teachers disagree on what action has been taken to reduce teacher workload, if any.