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Test Scores: Should They Be Lower For Summer-Born Students?

Should students born in the summer have lower expectations when it comes to test scores? According to several education experts, they should. This comes as the latest move in tackling the inherent disadvantage that faces younger students. Read on to find out exactly what the experts are suggesting and what might happen next!

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School Funding: Schools Hit By 17% Increase In Exam Costs

At this point, you’re all very much aware of how big of an issue the school funding crisis is. Well, now things seem to be getting even worse. Ofqual’s first-ever exam price guide has revealed that exam costs have increased 17 per cent over the last three years. Read on to find out about the impact this increase is having.

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GCSE Results: Non-EBacc Subjects Face Bleak & Worrying Drop

This year’s GCSE results reveal a further drop in non-EBacc subjects. Union heads have expressed concern over the “worrying” and bleak” future of creative subjects. Read on to see just what the statistics tell us about the future of EBacc!

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SENCo Exam Help Will No Longer Require Proof

Exam boards have announced that SENCo exam help will no longer require proof that students require help for exams, as ‘form 8’ will no longer be needed.

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Less Students Are Taking Design & Music GSCE’s

The latest figures of Ofqual have shown that less students are opting for technical subjects at GCSE. Meanwhile, fewer students are choosing to study English at A-level.

Education unions have started to warn that the Government’s focus on more traditional academic subjects is in danger of narrowing the curriculum that schools can offer.