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Should Parents Be Funding Teacher Wellbeing?

The new Ofsted framework is being blamed for putting extra pressure on schools to focus on funding teacher wellbeing. Cash-strapped schools are appealing to parents to fund treats for staff. Read on to find out the details!

school funding crisis

School Funding Crisis: 80% Of Schools Will Be Worse Off Next Year

Despite the Conservatives’ best efforts, the school funding crisis doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The current spending plans will see four out of five schools worse off next year than they were in 2015. Read on to find out more about this growing problem!

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School Funding: Schools Hit By 17% Increase In Exam Costs

At this point, you’re all very much aware of how big of an issue the school funding crisis is. Well, now things seem to be getting even worse. Ofqual’s first-ever exam price guide has revealed that exam costs have increased 17 per cent over the last three years. Read on to find out about the impact this increase is having.

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Teacher Salaries: By 2022, Starting Salary Will Be £30k

We all know that the government like to announce things that give the impression of benefiting teachers, especially in the run-up to a potential election. And now, teacher salaries are the focus of the latest announcement. The government has confirmed that by 2022, starting salaries for teachers will have increased to £30,000. This marks a huge increase of 25 per cent (£6,000). The aim is to make the profession more competitive in the graduate labour market. Keep reading to see how the government will implement this and more importantly, how they will pay for it!

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School Funding Exposed In Channel 4 Documentary

A new Channel 4 documentary is sending a businessman into a school undercover as a TA, with the aim of exposing how bad the funding crisis is.

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