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New Ofsted Framework: Less Than 1 In 5 Schools Drop A Grade

Early analysis shows that grades fell in less than one in five schools as primary schools find out that they shouldn’t “teach in a secondary way”. This is despite previous analysis showing that primaries scored poorly on curriculum quality. Continue reading to find out all the details regarding the new Ofsted framework!

ofsted reviews

Heads Should Take Notes During Ofsted Reviews

School leaders are being advised to take notes during Ofsted reviews. The new reports are omitting detailed findings, and instead opting for parent-friendly simplified language. Read on to get all the details!

ofsted inspections

Ofsted Inspections: Heads Spent Summer Stressed & Anxious

We’ve covered how much stress Ofsted can cause, but over the summer things seem to have gotten worse. Thousands of school leaders have spent their summer being anxious and worried about impending Ofsted inspections. A leaders’ union has revealed the shocking number of heads that have visited their website searching for help. Read on to see just how bad things are and what, if anything can help change things for the better.