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Test Scores: Should They Be Lower For Summer-Born Students?

Should students born in the summer have lower expectations when it comes to test scores? According to several education experts, they should. This comes as the latest move in tackling the inherent disadvantage that faces younger students. Read on to find out exactly what the experts are suggesting and what might happen next!

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Grammar Schools Forced To Discount Exam Questions

For Mark Mate, there was one question that needed answering – how can we save teachers time, and help them find that elusive work/life balance? It took us a little while, but we think we’ve answered that question incredibly well. Students in Buckinghamshire, however, weren’t quite as fortunate with their exam questions. Read on to find out why Grammar schools in the area had to discount their exam questions!

a levels

A Levels: Students ‘Unlawfully’ Kicked Out After Missing Grades

Alongside making teachers’ lives easier, we pride ourselves on helping teachers to give vastly better feedback to their students. Of course, with better feedback comes better work and ultimately better grades. Unfortunately, this sounds like something a North London school could have benefitted from. They ‘unlawfully’ kicked out some students halfway through their A-levels. Read on below to find out exactly what happened!

school funding

School Funding: Schools Hit By 17% Increase In Exam Costs

At this point, you’re all very much aware of how big of an issue the school funding crisis is. Well, now things seem to be getting even worse. Ofqual’s first-ever exam price guide has revealed that exam costs have increased 17 per cent over the last three years. Read on to find out about the impact this increase is having.

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Exam Results: Complaints Double In Just Two Years

We know that exam results can bring a lot of stress to parents, teachers and students alike. Now, however more of that stress seems to be aimed at exam boards. Complaints sent to Ofqual about England’s three biggest exam boards have doubled in just two years. Read on to see just what is going on!