School Led Teacher Training: First Drop For Four Years

School Led Teacher Training: First Drop For Four Years

school led teacher training

We’re all very aware that there’s a recruitment crisis in education. It’s been a tough time for the government’s recruitment and retention strategy, and new figures are painting an even dimmer picture. The number of teacher trainees training via a school led route has dropped for the first time in four years. This is according to new figures released on Thursday. Initial numbers for 2017-18 show that 53 per cent of graduating trainees opted for school led teacher training, as oppose to a higher education institution (HEI).

Last year showed that 55 per cent chose the government’s preferred method of school led teacher training. The year prior to that was 51 per cent – a huge increase over the previous year’s 42 per cent. I’m sure we can all guess that workload and stress are playing a huge part in potential teachers not wanting to enter the profession.


The new figures also show that the total number of trainees being awarded their QTS stayed the same at 91 per cent. This is the same as the last three years. Further supporting the school-led route, these trainees consistently outperform those taking the HEI route. The new data shows that 93 per cent of school-led trainees gain their QTS, compared to 90 per cent through HEI.

The new results go on to show that there wasn’t much disparity between primary and secondary QTS awards. They were at 91 and 92 per cent respectively. There was, however, a huge difference by subject. Once again, physics got the lowest percentage of QTS awards – just 85 per cent. This is a slight increase over last year’s 83 per cent.

school led teacher training

In contrast to this, the highest pass rate was in PE with 97 per cent of trainees gaining their QTS.

Geographically, the highest performing region was the East of England with 94 per cent gaining their QTS. At the bottom of the table came South West England and Yorkshire & the Humber – both with 90 per cent.

The Government’s School Led Teacher Training Targets

Data released last year showed that the government fell short of meeting its recruitment targets, including in its preferred method of school-led training. The only subjects the government hit their recruitment targets in were history, English and biology. Targets were missed in modern foreign languages, classics, geography, chemistry, computing, maths, physics and other non-EBacc subjects.

Maths and physics were the worst performers. Only achieving 47 and 65 per cent, respectively. Biology recruited 153 per cent of their target number of teachers, with English hitting 110 per cent.

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