8 Tips For An Organised Classroom

8 Tips For An Organised Classroom

organised classroom

I know, I know. We’re still in the midst of summer. That doesn’t mean that we can’t start looking towards the new year. We’re big fans of an organised classroom here at Mark Mate, and here are eight tips to help you be even more organised.

Bin The Old

Get rid of all the old decorations and wall art. It won’t be long before your class have made new work that you can display, so make space for it before everything becomes too cluttered.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Come up with a schedule of when you’ll change wall displays. Go one step further and make lists of what equipment you currently need, and what you’ll need for the future. You can also use these plans to decide when you’ll need specific equipment for bigger projects.

Change Your Seating Plan

We’ve all got students that are disruptive when they sit next to each other, and the student that always works better when sat next to someone different. So change your seating plan around before the kids come back in. It’ll make for a much better atmosphere for you, and a better learning environment for them.

Not Just Walls

You don’t just have to use walls for displays. Sides of filing cabinets, chests of drawers, or any other surface you have that looks dull and uninteresting is a perfect place to display students’ work or anything else you need up.


We’ve all got tonnes of the stuff. Do you really need to keep all that paperwork lying around? Can you digitise any of it? Can you bin any of it? Take stock of how much paperwork you have lying around and get rid of anything you don’t really need, because let’s face it – it won’t be long before you have a tonne more.

Review Your Rules

organised classroom

Students will be back before long. Are all of your classroom rules still applicable? Take a look at all the rules you had in place last year. Did any of them prove pointless? Maybe try getting rid of some old ones that didn’t prove useful and replace them with something new and different.

Get Your Students To Help

Getting your students to help implement some of these changes can be a great way to help them get excited for learning this year. Making wall displays, moving desks, choosing work to showcase can all be great motivators for students – so get them involved!

Reduce Your Working Time

Find a tool that can help you reduce your working time. Maybe something that can help reduce your marking time massively… Gee, I wonder where you could find one of those 😉

How do you ensure an organised classroom for the new school year? Have you got any tips you’d like to share with your fellow teachers? We’d love you to let us know in the comments!

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