Mark Mate – Just an easier process!

Mark Mate – Just an easier process!

Mark Mate feedback from the classroom.

Something we love hearing about is the way Mark Mate has had an impact on our users’ workload and work-life balance. This is the whole reason our platform was created and it’s amazing to hear from you all!

After our success in the Dragons’ Den last year, we have focused on listening to the feedback of our users because we want to improve and grow Mark Mate and have planned a huge update due to be released in September, along with our mobile application.

Jane’s Story

Today’s story comes from Jane Benson. An English teacher for “well over 20 years”, Jane began using Mark Mate in her school to try and reduce the monotony of marking 60-90 books each day and to improve her work-life balance.

Before using Mark Mate, marking a set of books could take easily 3 hours. Marking a set of books now takes half the time. More importantly, I’m not as exhausted! It’s just a much easier process.

Do you need to be an IT wiz?

There is a small amount of setup involved with Mark Mate, mainly with getting your printer installed and formatting the labels correctly (something our September update will address) but the best thing about Jane’s story is that she admits that technology isn’t her strong point, and yet she still got on with it.

I would say to anyone thinking about it, definitely give it a go. If I can do it, then it’s easily accessible to anyone.

You can watch Jane’s story in full below and we would love to hear from our users in the comments. What impact has Mark Mate had on your workload? Have you found any interesting ways to use it in your classroom? Any suggestions for new features?

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Jane Benson explains how Mark Mate has helped in her classroom.

positive review We at Harris Academy Purley are running a 1 year trial of Mark Mate with 10 staff. Current evidence us that it cuts teacher work load and improve frequency of feedback, improving performance and progress.

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