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Mark Mate – A Sense Of Pride In My Books

Today’s story comes from John Greetham. A Humanities lead, John uses Mark Mate to provide engaging feedback for his students.

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EdTech In Schools: What’s Stopping It?

The biggest obstacles to bringing edtech into schools have been revealed. A new survey shows why secondary and primary schools are reluctant to use edtech.

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Can SAAS Models Help The Transformation To Digital Classrooms?

Schools need to prepare for a digital transformation. How can subscription models help the process?

Should Mobile Phones Be Banned At School?

Should Snapchat be banned from science? Facebook banned from French? Do you think schools should start banning mobile phones?

5 Reasons Your Students NEED Tech In The Classroom

You’re using tech to read this right now, and guess what? Your students need tech too! Here are 5 reasons they need tech in the classroom.