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augmented reality for teachers

Augmented Reality For Teachers: 10 Fun Apps For The Classroom

Here at Mark Mate, we’re trying to do our bit to help push education technology further than ever before. While we’re doing our bit to make teachers’ lives easier when it comes to workload and wellbeing, there are so many other companies doing an amazing job in helping with teaching students in the classroom. Today we’re going to take a look at some amazing apps that showcase Augmented Reality for teachers.

sixth form

Sixth Form: Is Online, Distance Learning The Future?

Here at Mark Mate, we’re big fans of the internet and the technological advantages it gives us. We’ve used the internet to work tirelessly to improve teachers’ wellbeing and reduce workload. Now, however a private school is using it to make sixth form students’ lives easier. Read on to find out just what is happening!

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Apps For Teachers: What Should You Be Using?

Mark Mate has saved hundreds of teachers thousands of hours of work. We pride ourselves on reducing teacher workload while increasing the quality of feedback for students. But Mark Mate isn’t the only app that can help you at work. Today, we’re going to take a look at some other apps for teachers that can make your life in the classroom easier! Read on to see some of our favourite ed-tech apps!


Ed-Tech: Maths Startup Raises €22 Million

We love ed-tech. We’ve covered previously some of the best uses of ed-tech for the classroom. Now, however, there could be another to add to the list. Sparx, an Exeter-based ed-tech startup has been granted an investment from Oxygen House. The ethical and impact-focused group of companies will invest €22 million in Sparx. Read on to find out more about Sparx’s innovative classroom tool!

help for teachers

Help For Teachers: Britannica A Launching Free Digital Literacy Webinars

Video is fast becoming the leading method of communication. From Facebook Lives to Instagram Stories to video lectures for university students, video is certainly the way forward. Keep reading to see how Britannica are working to push video forward and help teachers to keep up!