Five Great Classroom Games

We all love a good game, don’t we. We all know what it’s like at the end of term. Lesson’s done, exams finished and games to be played. With the summer holidays creeping ever closer, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best games to play in the classroom.

Do Students Get Too Much Homework, Is It Worth The Hassle?

In 2014, the Department for Education published a big report that concluded that year 9 students who do 3 hours homework per weeknight were 10 times more likely to get five good GSCE’s than students who do no homework. Should there be a limit?

EdTech Startup Raises £1.25m Before UK Launch

Here at Mark Mate, we love EdTech and EdTech companies. EdTech startup Kinteract are getting ready to launch in the UK, and they’ve managed to raise £1.25m in funding! This truly is a phenomenal achievement, and something that should be celebrated across the entire EdTech space.

Speak Out Stay Safe

The NSPCC’s Speak Out Stay Safe campaign is a free session available to all primary school to equip children with the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from neglect and abuse. The session involves an NSPCC volunteer visiting your school to deliver an assembly and workshop – which you can arrange here. Since the service started, around 80% of schools have received a visit.

Less Students Are Taking Design & Music GSCE’s

The latest figures of Ofqual have shown that less students are opting for technical subjects at GCSE. Meanwhile, fewer students are choosing to study English at A-level.

Education unions have started to warn that the Government’s focus on more traditional academic subjects is in danger of narrowing the curriculum that schools can offer.