inclusive assemblies

Schools Are Being Urged To Offer Inclusive Assemblies

Religious schools should now offer inclusive assemblies and suitable secular alternatives, according to campaigners. This comes after a school has conceded in a legal case over mandatory prayers. We’ve previously covered what alternatives were available to children who withdrew from prayer. Now, however, there appear to be some major developments.…
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Free Labels – Happy Holidays From Us!

Up To 5 Rolls Of Labels For Free! To make sure you are able to pick up where you left off in January, we will give you up to 5 rolls of labels as our gift to you! We just ask for one thing in return; a share of our…
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headteachers roundtable

Headteachers Roundtable: 4 Key Proposals For The Election

Last week, the Headteachers Roundtable published their 2019 Election Manifesto. This time around, the focus is on securing much-needed funding, developing amazing teachers and protecting vulnerable children. The entire manifesto is available here if you’d like to read the whole thing. Otherwise keep reading below to see four key proposals!

the next government must reduce class sizes

Next Government Must Reduce Class Sizes Say Teachers

The next UK government must make reducing class sizes a top priority according to a third of teachers. A new report has revealed that nine in ten areas have seen an increase in class size. The latest study by the NEU shows that 89 per cent of constituencies have seen an increase since 2010. Keep reading to get all the details on what needs to happen next.

jeremy corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Hits Back At Conservative Education Claims

Jeremy Corbyn has made the astonishing claim that teachers are having to buy “uniforms and even mattresses” for students whose parents can’t afford them. The controversial Labour leader made the claim to activists during a speech earlier this week. He went on to say it made him “angry” that schools are having to close early on Fridays, and he had heard from teachers that students are struggling to concentrate because they are so hungry. Read on to get more details!