Five Ways To Declutter Your Classroom

Five Ways To Declutter Your Classroom

No-one likes a messy classroom, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable, right? Wrong. There are several ways we can declutter our classrooms without feeling like we’re purging everything out of existence. The tricky bit is finding the balance between useful things that we need to keep, and stuff that just needs to go.  With 30 kids in a room, it might feel practically impossible to maintain a nice working environment, but it’s something we all need for our own wellbeing! So today we’re going to take a look at five ways to declutter your classroom.


We don’t need paper for everything anymore. Google Drive is a great way of storing files online that you can access anywhere at any time. Through Google Docs you can also create and store word documents and spreadsheets that are automatically saved to your Drive. This way of working is perfect for people who like to switch from laptop to tablet or smart phone. This very blog post was started on an iPhone and finished off on a laptop! Say goodbye to drawers full of old useless paperwork.


Still got that old desktop PC from the 1980s because you just love playing Pong? Bin it. How about those 13 old broken staplers and hole punches in your bottom drawer? Bin them too! All joking aside, a great way to declutter your classroom is to scour your drawers, cabinets and storage cupboards and get rid of any old, useless or broken equipment. We all have things lying around that we have no use for, but why? They aren’t useful for anything so get rid of them and create some new space!

Wall Displays

Sit back and take a look at your classroom walls. How do your displays look? Do they serve a purpose? Perhaps it’s time for a bit of a refresh on that display you’ve still got up from last term. If visual displays aren’t your particular areas of strength, have you thought about talking to your colleagues about content and discussing the aesthetics with your students?

Using a wall display to help organise your classroom.

A well thought out display can help to keep resources organised.


Are you still using worksheets? Or have you created a digital alternative to address a particular learning objective? Did you, like lots of us, forget that worksheets used to be used for everything? If so, you’ve probably got stacks of them hiding away somewhere. There is literally nothing more satisfying than shredding paper so time to put that shredder to good use and shred everything that there’s no chance of you using again. English examples and maths worksheets used to be everywhere, and I bet there are still some hiding away in your classroom somewhere. Get shredding!

Old Student Work

Are you using the work of a previous student as an example for your current class? Does it really assist them in being creative, or does it give them something to copy and therefore stifle their creativity? Much like the worksheets point above, older material may not be relevant anymore, so if you’ve got tonnes of it hanging around, it might be time to say goodbye and move on.

How have you kept your classroom tidy? Leave us a comment below to share your ideas!

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