5 Reasons Your Students NEED Tech In The Classroom

5 Reasons Your Students NEED Tech In The Classroom

We all love tech. It has the ability to make our lives infinitely easier, while helping us achieve the most basic tasks through to the most advanced. At Mark Mate, we know first hand that tech can make teacher’s lives easier, so why shouldn’t we follow that logic for our students too? Here we’re going to take a look at 5 reason your students NEED tech in their classroom. We know it isn’t possible for schools to buy and implement everything in this post, but there are several companies that can bring things like VR or AR into your school for a day at a very reasonable cost!

Mobile Apps Help With Learning

Apps like Quizizz give you the ability to quiz your students live and in real time. No more sitting and writing on a bit of paper, your students become more involved because they’re looking at their phone. Linking mobile devices and apps to students’ learning should also help prepare them for the type of job market they’ll face in the future.


We all know that teamwork is a vital part of education, and technology can be an integral part of that. There are literally countless options for this, from designing and publishing a school newsletter to creating a song or even video or photographic projects. All of these ideas work on different aspects of students’ learning, and they’re all enabled and assisted by technology.

Digital Skills

It’s one thing to use a mobile phone, it’s another thing entirely to use one correctly and responsibly. Today’s students have unparalleled access to mobile devices at an incredibly early age. As educators, it’s partly our responsibility to ensure they use them properly. By allowing and embracing tech in the classroom, we have the ability to educate students around the dangers and pitfalls of 24/7 access to technology.


Children have been using technology to learn and play since before they could crawl. From first hand experience, modern day parenting tools such as Netflix and YouTube have been instrumental in shaping childrens’ experiences. Simply stripping those experience away when children start school doesn’t make sense. They’re used to holding and using iPads and other mobile devices so why is there a need to completely change their method of learning? We should be embracing these things.

Kids Like To Be Impressed

We’ve all seen those wide-eyed expressions when your students are genuinely impressed with what you’re teaching them. Those expressions will be become much more regular when you start using tech like virtual reality to take them on a tour of Ancient Egypt. Imagine letting them design and build their own animated creature which can then roam around the classroom using augmented reality? The uses for VR and AR are practically limitless, and they have the ability to wow kids every single time.

How do you use tech in your classroom? Do you even use tech at all, or are you old school? Do you think mobile devices have a place in the classroom or should learning stick to pens and paper? Whatever your views, we’d absolutely love to hear from you in the comments!

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