14 Things Teachers Do In The Summer Holidays

14 Things Teachers Do In The Summer Holidays

things teachers do in the summer holidays

We’ve covered ideas for things teachers could do over the summer, but today we thought we’d take a look at what teachers actually do over the summer. With our tongue firmly planted in our cheek, here are 14 things teachers do in the summer holidays.

At Home

Sleep. Teaching and maintaining order between 30 children is exhausting. For the first week of the summer holidays, a teachers best friend is their bed.

Drink. Coming a close second after bed, a bottle of wine. With no alarms to set, and no children shouting, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a few glasses.

Brag on Facebook. We all know the best bit about being a teacher is bragging to our non-teacher friends about how much time off we get. So go ahead, make the most of it. You’ve earned it.

Correct grammar. Go on, you know you want to tell your sister’s boyfriend’s nephew about how he’s misused a semi-colon on Twitter. Fill your boots.

Enjoy a lie-in. Every day. There’s absolutely no need to set an alarm over the summer. Enjoy all that extra sleep, and make the most of peace and quiet in the mornings!

Going Out

things teachers do in the summer holidays

Avoid students. There’s nothing worse than bumping into one of your students while you’re just trying to do your Tesco shop in your jogging bottoms. Put on a hat and glasses and avoid them like the plague.

Ignore the homework as long as possible. Yes, you’ve got loads to get done before the new year. No, it doesn’t have to be done right now. Take your time, enjoy your summer and then PANIC on the last day before you go back!

Watch trash telly. You’ve got so much time to catch up on rubbish daytime telly. Make the most of all that time you get to spend with Judge Rinder and Phil & Holly!

Go into school. Yep, really. You might start the holidays with the intention of going in regularly to prep for the new year, but in reality you’ll only make it in once or twice. For maybe an hour.

Get a haircut. There isn’t much time in a normal week, is there? We can only really fit in things like haircuts in the holiday so seeing as the summer is so long, you may as well get two!

Forget others still go to work. Remember how we talked about bragging on Facebook? Yeah, why not go for that in real life too. Don’t worry about all those poor saps still sat in offices and shout from the rooftops!

Get served by a student. While this might only apply to secondary teachers, it’s still worth mentioning. Chances are if you go shopping or for a coffee this summer, you’ll get served by a student. Good luck!

Drive past the school. Can you feel that? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like driving past school without having to turn through the gate!

And Finally…

Dread going back. Save this one for the last week if you can. Wait as long as you can before that feeling of impending doom creeps back in. If and when it does, don’t worry – it’s only a few weeks until Christmas.

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